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Improve performance and reduce injury in your sport

Strength Coaching & Sports Performance - Frankston, Seaford, Melbourne

There’s two things you can’t have too much of when playing a sport. You can’t be too strong and you can’t be too fast.

Our goal at Cosnett Training Systems is to make our athletes as strong and as fast as possible.

But that by itself isn’t enough. A great athlete is no good to anyone on the sideline who is injured, so we also put a lot of effort into making our athletes bullet-proof so they can perform at their peak and keep performing at their peak. We do this by fixing muscular and structural imbalances, improving faulty motor patterns, and making sure the athlete is mobile and can move most efficiently for their sport.

If you play any sport that requires a reasonable amount of strength, power, speed, agility, or athleticism, then you should be regularly strength training with weights using a planned and periodized program.

A well-planned strength training program with a good strength coach can take your athletic ability to the next level. And if you’re not doing it, you’re not performing as well as you could be.

When you begin a strength coaching program with us, we will first do a needs analysis to figure out what athletic qualities are most important for your sport. Following this will be a structural balance assessment to determine what your current weaknesses are. With this info we can construct the most appropriate program for you and the sport you compete in.

All of the performance coaches at Cosnett Training Systems have undergrad degrees in Exercise and Sports Science so you can be sure we have the scientific knowledge and experience that will allow you to improve your performance in your sport.

If you’re ready to start or want to learn more to know if this program is for you, contact us today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION strategy session.