One-on-One Personal Training

Complete Personal Training & Lifestyle Program

Our Personal Training packages have absolutely everything you need to get amazing results that last -- guaranteed as quickly and efficiently as possible.


In this video I take you through the exact detailed process each new client goes through to ensure we understand your goals and get the absolute best results possible.

This program includes:

  • Initial consultation and strategy session to determine where you’re currently at, what are your goals and previous training experience, and what type of program and services are going to best suit your needs​​​​​
  • ​​​​​Personalized Nutrition plan
  • Personalized Supplementation plan​​​​​
  • Regular skin fold measurements or body composition scan
  • ​​​​​Structural Balance assessment to identify muscular imbalances
  • ​​​​​Comprehensive training program for your other training sessions you are not with your coach
  • ​​​​​Free use of the gym for your other workouts! If you do Personal Training with us you don't need a gym membership!

Why Personal Training?

When you decide to purchase personal training, you aren’t really paying for the session. You are paying for the results the sessions get you over time, that’s what you want. You invest in personal training for results, not a workout.

This is why Cosnett Training Systems have made packages available so when you purchase a 12-week package, you know you’re investing in the end result and you are going to get it.

So instead of saying “I’m going to do personal training three times a week for a while to lose some fat”, you are saying “I’m going to do a 12 week Personal Training package and with it I’m going to lose 10 kg of fat or gain 7 kg of muscle by the 15th of May…”, for example.

What are the advantages of purchasing a package?

It holds you accountable.

So many people start personal training with the best intentions of getting fit and looking better only to slack off and stop when results were just starting to show. When you commit to a program you are making a commitment to yourself and your Trainer that you are serious about improving your body, health and life.

Gives you a time frame to achieve your goal.

When you have a set date to achieve a goal, you instantly become more likely to achieve it. It gives you the mindset of success and your motivation is higher.

Gives you everything you need to achieve success OUTSIDE the gym.

This is very important. Everything you do outside the gym affects the results you get from your training. You are only in the gym for 2-4 hours a week, so that leaves 164-166 hours a week where you have to make the right decisions to make your body change. That’s why it’s called a Personal Training and LIFESTYLE package. Because we teach you and give you the tools to change your lifestyle.

You acquire the skills, techniques and knowledge to change your body for life.

Unlike most Personal Trainers, CTS trainers bestow as much as they can for clients to have maximum success with their training and diet for life -- even when they are no longer clients. Other trainers don’t do this because they are scared of losing the client. Our number one goal is for you to keep your results and continue to improve even more when your personal training with us is over. We’re fine with that, because it means our client is happier and will always refer new people because their results were great.

Saves you money.

All the sessions, nutrition, supplementation program, and BioSignature hormonal profile cost substantially more when purchased separately, so purchasing a Personal Training and Lifestyle package allows for a great discount.

Results are guaranteed.

As long as you follow our system and put in the work, we guarantee real results or your money back!

If you’re ready to start or want to learn more to know if this program is for you, book in here for a free, no obligation consultation.