Semi-Private Personal Training Carrum Downs

The best value Personal Training in Carrum Downs


Why this is the best value Personal Training in Carrum Downs.

The CTS Semi-Private Personal Training in Carrum Downs is designed to give you absolutely everything you need to to get the best results, for less than the cost of a single one-on-one personal training session.

Our Semi-Private Training sessions consist of groups of just 4 to 6 people, enabling a high quality training environment, yet is more affordable than one-on-one training.

Now, this is the most important thing. Where most group or semi-private programs have everyone doing the exact same program, each and every client here at CTS has a bespoke, customized program. We’re going to first eliminate any structural limitations your body may have, using exercises and stretches designed to balance the body. Once this is done, your program will be specifically tailed to your goal, whether you are looking to pack on muscle mass, drop body fat, or rehab that injured joint.

Our coach's are experts in getting the most out of our trainees. With years of experience training general population clients as well as athletes, we specialize in tailoring individual training programs to each client.

Semi Private Training at Cosnett Training Systems Personal Training Carrum Downs

Trainees running through a group hip flexor stretch

More reasons why this is the best value Personal Training.

Our semi private training program has four supervised sessions at 6PM, Monday through Thursday. But here's the added bonus, if you cant make it to these times, you can utilize the gym during our open hours, using the same personalized program. This makes it the best value for money Personal Training.


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