BioSignature Modulation

The revolutionary method for...

  • ​​​​​Speeding up your bodies fat loss
  • Improving your health, wellness and energy​​​​​

Why is it that some people train hard and eat what they think is healthy but still get average results at best? And why are there people who live an unhealthy lifestyle and don’t train hard but somehow still manage to look and feel great all the time?

One of the main reasons this happens is because of our body’s hormones. Hormones control a huge number of processes happening inside your body, including where your body stores its fat and how much it stores there. If you make the mistake of trying to annihilate your fat by dropping calories way too low and starving yourself while doing endless cardio, you are actually throwing your hormones off track and making it more difficult to achieve results!

When stress hormones go up, thyroid and muscle building hormones go down. This is why after crashing on an excessive diet and exercise regime, you gain back the fat and even more than what you began with.

You can get your hormones back on track by giving your body exactly what it needs -- the right nutrition, training and supplementation, all at the right time. This is where BioSignature comes in. Instead of losing fat to get healthy, you get healthy to lose fat -- and lose it fast.

What is BioSignature?

BioSignature brings together the best principles of naturopathy, functional medicine and exercise science to create a revolutionary new method for achieving fat loss, muscle gain and optimal health. It combines the best that Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western medical systems have to offer in order to promote a variety of positive health changes in the client.

The most successful Strength Coach in the world, Charles Poliquin, developed the BioSignature system. It is a system based on scientific research that examines the way the body stores fat as an indication of the individual’s hormonal profile. This is calculated through a unique twelve-site body composition analysis. As part of our service, we can also offer you a variety of complementary functional medicine tests via our partnership with lab interpretation (refer to the diagram below to see where the different hormones affect fat storage in the body).

BioSignature, Hormones

What does BioSignature involve?

BioSignature is a system based on scientific evidence that shows that an individual’s hormonal profile can be determined by the location of body fat stores. There are twelve BioSignature sites in total, with each one being a hormonal marker for what is occurring internally. This means that your body fat levels and any corresponding imbalanced hormones can be effectively managed through a combination of diet, exercise, a targeted supplementation program and lifestyle modifications.

We will develop a plan for you based on your unique biological signature. This means faster results and fewer supplements than are necessary with the industry’s typically more random and haphazard approach. For example, the thickness of a person’s umbilical skin fold (your gut) is a direct reflection of cortisol (the stress hormone) output. A relatively fat midsection indicates stress levels are high and/or the ability to handle stress is low. The good news is that 1) it’s not your fault, and 2) it can be changed. The result is improved performance in all areas of your life – physical, mental, and intellectual. By following your personal plan, you will emerge leaner, stronger, healthier, happier and more energetic.

Support your health with BioSignature

Whether you suffer from chronic ill-health or seek improved athletic performance, BioSignature can work for you. Some people have seen improvements in:

  • ​​​​​PCOS
  • female oestrogen problems​​​​​
  • ​​​​​male oestrogen problems
  • digestive disorders such as leaky gut syndrome and IBS​​​​​
  • ​​​​​liver detoxification
  • low energy and adrenal fatigue​​​​​
  • heavy metal detoxification​​​​​
  • hypothyroidism (slow thyroid)​​​​​
  • ​​​​​insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes
  • ​​​​​male and female libido issues
  • ​​​​​depression
  • eating disorders (anorexia/bulimia)​​​​​

What do the experts have to say about BioSignature?

BioSignature is one of the most advanced non-invasive methods available to rapidly and accurately identify insulin resistance and cardiovascular risks. This allows for onsite effective medical treatment decisions.

Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Director, Hypertension Institute, Saint Thomas Hospital

BioSignature offers a rapid assessment tool of one’s hormonal health to individualize and monitor the patient’s protocols to achieve optimal metabolic health. It combines the best that Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western medical systems has to offer to the patient.

BioSignature is a revolutionary tool for the clinician who wants to individualize metabolic healing by designing protocols that have the greatest success.

North Texas Institute of Functional Medicine

Our BioSignature program is available in 12 week packages. Check out the results section of the website to see some of the results BioSignature can produce.

If you’re ready to start or want to learn more to know if this program is for you, contact us today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION strategy session.