One-on-One Personal Training

The complete training, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle program along with body composition analysis and BioSignature hormonal profile to produce rapid fat loss and body transformation results guaranteed.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Enjoy the camaraderie of training alongside your friends or other fitness enthusiasts in a motivating environment.

Strength Coaching & Sports Performance

Get faster, stronger and better at your chosen sport. We provide individualised strength coaching to allow you to achieve peak performance and greatly reduce your chance of injury.

Build Muscle Mass

Whether you’ve already added some muscle to your frame or you currently disappear when you stand sideways and can fit into your sisters shirt.We know the best training and nutrition methods to build muscle WITHOUT ADDING FAT. Anyone can get someone big on a dirty bulk, but real, clean gains in muscle are an art that we specialise in.

BioSignature Modulation

Unique fat loss and health assessment method that allows us to easily see body composition (percentage of muscle and fat), and your bodies unique hormonal profile.

Functional Health Services

A range of functional diagnostic health tests such as blood, urine, saliva and hair which can be used to determine issues in your biochemistry and metabolism that could be slowing down results or causing other health issues.


Individual consultations with Brent for nutritional, training or supplementation programs and advice, detoxification protocols etc.

Strongman/Girl Training – The Ultimate Fat Loss Workout

Strongman training utilises a group of certain exercises that is not only amazing for fat loss. But develops strength, power, fitness and athleticism as well.