Incline Bicep curls done right

Incline bicep curls are a great exercise but are often butchered and not done in the best way
The benefit of them is that it stretches and hits the long head of the biceps predominantly  due to the position of the upper arm being behind the body.

How to Build up to your First Chin up

One of the most satisfying training moments for many is when they achieved their first proper chin up.
But if you’re a long way off doing proper chins it can seem impossible to build up to your first one. Well here's an easier way to do it 

One way that I’ve found successful with clients is to practice doing negative or eccentric chin-ups.

The 7 Exercises To Do For Best Results

There are plenty of good weight and resistance training exercises you can do to get bigger, stronger, and lose body fat. But not all exercises are created equal.


All too often I see people spending too much of their training time doing pretty useless exercises and no where near enough doing the ones that are going to give them the best results.

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Welcome to Cosnett Training Systems

A bit about me and what I believe when it comes to Training and Nutrition

So this is my first blog post on the brand new Cosnett Traning Systems website which after much hard work is finally up and running and looking great (almost). Just thought I'd use this post to explain a little bit about my self and the kind of information ill be posting here and what I believe in when it comes to health, fitness, strength, sports performance, getting jacked, getting shredded and everything in between.