The Myth of Moderation

This is a saying I hear all the time whether they are referring to a certain food, alcohol or other bad habit that's contradicts their goals - "Everything is ok in moderation". Please don't fall for this rubbish. If you do everything in moderation at the end of the day you will end up with a moderate, mediocre, average result.

Welcome to Cosnett Training Systems

A bit about me and what I believe when it comes to Training and Nutrition

So this is my first blog post on the brand new Cosnett Traning Systems website which after much hard work is finally up and running and looking great (almost). Just thought I'd use this post to explain a little bit about my self and the kind of information ill be posting here and what I believe in when it comes to health, fitness, strength, sports performance, getting jacked, getting shredded and everything in between.