How to Read Carbohydrates on Nutrition Labels

When you are on a mission to nail your nutrition and improve your physique its pretty important to know whats going into your gob.
But if you don't know how to read nutrition labels trying to figure out what foods are going to take you towards your goals and which ones are not can be a tough job.

Could Cardio Be Making You Fat?

There seems to be still a large misunderstanding by experienced gym goers and even some personal trainers on the effect that cardio has on losing fat and trying to attain a lean defined physique.
On the one hand you may have heard that “cardio will make you fat!” and simply just being in the same proximity as a treadmill or going for a jog will cause uncontrollable fat gain.

Download Our Carb Cycling Calculator. The one I use to set up all our clients diets

Have you heard of Carb Cycling?
If you have heard of it, do you know how to use Carb cycling to gain muscle without gaining fat or perhaps lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously?

Well even if you answered yes to both of those questions watch the video below because I'm going to show you a couple of different ways to set up a carb cycling diet geared towards either fat loss or muscle gain.

The Truth About Detox

People seem to be talking about detoxing everywhere. There are detox plans in magazines, online and on television. Every second celebrity seems to endorse some sort of Detox program. Even at the chemist you can buy different detox kits.
While most of the above are worthless there are some great legitimate ways to help your bodies detoxification processes.

Whats The Best Breakfast

Breakfast - There are many ways to slice it but here's what works best

Firstly you always want complete protein at breakfast time. So that means either quality meat, seafood eggs, or some sort of protein powder (not as good as whole food).


Smart fats to keep energy chugging along through out the morning so coconut oil, nuts, eggs again, butter, ghee and fishoil


If fat loss if your goal its also good to add in fibrous veggies.

Burn more fat by eating your carbs at night

You know the conventional advice - Eat your carbs in the morning for "energy" and then don't eat any carbs after 3pm, 6pm or whatever time you've been told. Well, I'm telling you this is a shit idea and you should pretty much be doing the opposite.
Instead its much better to have no carbs in the morning and if you deserve carbs (your reasonably lean and you train hard) have them in the evening.

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