Incline Bicep curls done right

Incline bicep curls are a great exercise but are often butchered and not done in the best way
The benefit of them is that it stretches and hits the long head of the biceps predominantly  due to the position of the upper arm being behind the body.

How to Build up to your First Chin up

One of the most satisfying training moments for many is when they achieved their first proper chin up.
But if you’re a long way off doing proper chins it can seem impossible to build up to your first one. Well here's an easier way to do it 

One way that I’ve found successful with clients is to practice doing negative or eccentric chin-ups.

Burn more fat by eating your carbs at night

You know the conventional advice - Eat your carbs in the morning for "energy" and then don't eat any carbs after 3pm, 6pm or whatever time you've been told. Well, I'm telling you this is a shit idea and you should pretty much be doing the opposite.
Instead its much better to have no carbs in the morning and if you deserve carbs (your reasonably lean and you train hard) have them in the evening.

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The Myth of Moderation

This is a saying I hear all the time whether they are referring to a certain food, alcohol or other bad habit that's contradicts their goals - "Everything is ok in moderation". Please don't fall for this rubbish. If you do everything in moderation at the end of the day you will end up with a moderate, mediocre, average result.

Why Saturated Fat Might Help You Lose Fat



Saturated Fat and cholesterol is bad for you and clogs you arteries right?


Not quite.


Believe it or not saturated fat from quality sources is actually good for you and very much needed by your body.


The Lipid hypothesis which is the theory that saturated fat increases cholesterol and increased cholesterol causes heart disease is possibly one of the biggest medical and health wrong doings of the 20th century.

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