The Best Way to Row

Welcome to another complete guide, this time on the classic back training staple; the row.
Now the reason the row has been a staple in weight training for almost as long as weight training has been around, is it’s a fantastic exercise for upper/middle back muscular development, with the lats, rhomboids and middle and lower traps being heavily involved.

Reducing Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries are multifaceted and complex in nature. More often than not, it is a combination of variables that lead to a sprain or strain. Hamstring injuries are the most common soft tissue injury in sports that involve high speeds. From the research, we know that previous hamstring injuries are the biggest predictor of a future sprain, and as such, prevention is better than a cure!
To best prevent hamstring injuries in sport, we need to:

Have a good foundation of knowledge surrounding anatomy and physiology
Have a good understanding of exercise programming, exercise selection and periodisation
Understand the concept of load and how we can balance our training load with recovery and avoid overtraining
Understand the effect of proper sprint training and running mechanics in athletic populations

This blog and the attached video series; aims to be your starting block for this information.

Back Squat Tutorial

Welcome to the blog we're going to do on squats, with tips and tricks and things that we look for when we're coaching people, ourselves and things that can help you improve your squatting to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.
One of the things that we've definitely been told a lot when new clients come to us is that they can't deep squat as they've been told by other people, trainers, physios or whoever that’s due to their anatomy.

Seven Steps For Mums To Get Their Pre Baby Body Back!

So you are a mum and you want your pre baby body back right?

Your unhappy with how you look and want to get back to your old self?

Maybe you’re lacking energy, feeling sluggish and want to get fit again?

You’re thinking it was hard enough staying in shape before you had your little bundle of joy, let alone getting back in shape when you have this little human to look after 24/7.

It’s tough for some mums to get back into shape after having children sometimes really tough.

Modified Contrast Training to Lift Your Squat

Contrast Training is normally used for training strength and power.

In which you do a heavy strength based movement followed by a ballistic or explosive exercise of a similar movement pattern.

For example...

Barbell back squat

Jump Squat


Bench Press

Medicine Ball Chest throw


The benefit of contrast training is that it causes post activation potentiation.