Improve your lifts and reduce pain with this stretch

Here at Cosnett Training Systems nearly all clients that begin training with us exhibit tightness through the hip flexors and quadriceps.
This is predominantly due to the amount of time spent sitting on a daily basis as this leads to to the anterior muscles of the leg adapting to the seated position by becoming shorter and stiffer.

Incline Bicep curls done right

Incline bicep curls are a great exercise but are often butchered and not done in the best way
The benefit of them is that it stretches and hits the long head of the biceps predominantly  due to the position of the upper arm being behind the body.

How to Build up to your First Chin up

One of the most satisfying training moments for many is when they achieved their first proper chin up.
But if you’re a long way off doing proper chins it can seem impossible to build up to your first one. Well here's an easier way to do it 

One way that I’ve found successful with clients is to practice doing negative or eccentric chin-ups.

How taking probiotics can reduce abdominal fat

Gain muscle and lose fat by taking a probiotic to improve the health of your gut.
Recent studies show that there are thousands of different kinds of bacteria that live in the gastrointestinal tract and it’s these microbiota that regulate fat storage and other metabolic functions such as protein synthesis.

Whats The Best Breakfast

Breakfast - There are many ways to slice it but here's what works best

Firstly you always want complete protein at breakfast time. So that means either quality meat, seafood eggs, or some sort of protein powder (not as good as whole food).


Smart fats to keep energy chugging along through out the morning so coconut oil, nuts, eggs again, butter, ghee and fishoil


If fat loss if your goal its also good to add in fibrous veggies.