3 Step Blueprint to Building your Booty!

Building a large firm sexy and rounded booty is a desire for a huge number of female trainees and gym goers.
And it's true the glutes are a key element to looking good, but also having a functional strong, powerful and athletic physique.

With so much information out there, and every second 'wanna be' fitness model giving their two cents worth on how to build a bigger behind, girls have been left confused and worst of all booty-less.

5 Fat Stripping Sprint Interval Workouts

Quick refresher:

- Sprinting is one of the most time efficient ways to get shredded

- The benefits of sprinting go well beyond just looking good naked

- Sprinting can be done using many different protocols but try not to over think it when training for fat loss

- When training for fat loss sprinting can be incorporated 2-4 times per week for faster results


So if you are like most trainees you’ve probably heard the term HIIT thrown around about as much as you’ve heard one of Justin Bieber’s shitty new songs on the radio.

How to Read Carbohydrates on Nutrition Labels

When you are on a mission to nail your nutrition and improve your physique its pretty important to know whats going into your gob.
But if you don't know how to read nutrition labels trying to figure out what foods are going to take you towards your goals and which ones are not can be a tough job.

Modified Contrast Training to Lift Your Squat

Contrast Training is normally used for training strength and power.

In which you do a heavy strength based movement followed by a ballistic or explosive exercise of a similar movement pattern.

For example...

Barbell back squat

Jump Squat


Bench Press

Medicine Ball Chest throw


The benefit of contrast training is that it causes post activation potentiation.