Back Squat Tutorial

Welcome to the blog we're going to do on squats, with tips and tricks and things that we look for when we're coaching people, ourselves and things that can help you improve your squatting to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.
One of the things that we've definitely been told a lot when new clients come to us is that they can't deep squat as they've been told by other people, trainers, physios or whoever that’s due to their anatomy.

How We Progress Clients To Deadlifts at CTS

With our beginner clients instead of introducing them to deadlift variations straight away we’ve seen a lot of success and improved results by starting with other hip hinge variations first. Then over the first few phases of training progress them up to deadlifts.

How Stress Is Stopping Your Results And What To Do About It

Have you hit a plateau with your training or your body composition?
Are you not improving each week with your lifts?
Have your energy levels dropped?
Are you moody or getting frustrated easily?
Feeling a bit down lately or have low self-esteem?

These are all signs leading towards that you are stressed, stop thinking that ‘stress’ is to do with work, or will you have enough money to pay your mortgage this week, or even writing a blog about stress.

Contrast Training for Combat Athletes

Contrast training bridges the gap between explosive/speed (plyometric) based training and heavy resistance (strength) based training by incorporating them together to improve neurological efficiency.
Plyometric training and strength training are often programmed for separately in different training phases or sessions as they are seen as two different training modalities.

10 Simple Life hacks to Improve Productivity

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done” - Bruce Lee
Time to talk about productivity and ‘Getting shit done’
Getting shit done, is something that I believe everyone struggles with on a regular basis but some seem to struggle with a lot more frequently than others.

Seven Steps For Mums To Get Their Pre Baby Body Back!

So you are a mum and you want your pre baby body back right?

Your unhappy with how you look and want to get back to your old self?

Maybe you’re lacking energy, feeling sluggish and want to get fit again?

You’re thinking it was hard enough staying in shape before you had your little bundle of joy, let alone getting back in shape when you have this little human to look after 24/7.

It’s tough for some mums to get back into shape after having children sometimes really tough.