About Us

Body and Lifestyle Transformation, Personal Training, Nutritional Coaching - Frankston, Seaford, Melbourne

What We Believe

At Cosnett Training Systems, we believe everyone has the right to achieve the highest health, strength, vitality, and peak performance that is possible for them.

  • ​​​​​We believe a holistic approach is best to get extraordinary results.
  • ​​​​​We believe in the Kaizen principle, which means continuous improvement.
  • ​​​​​We believe that creating health and a lifestyle that fosters health will result in the body you want.

Our Values

  • ​​​​​To be at the forefront and a leader in the industry.
  • To practise what we preach and lead by example.​​​​​
  • ​​​​​To enable our clients to achieve their best inside and outside the gym.
  • To use the very best of exercise, science, physiology, nutrition and training practices.​​​​​
  • Smart, hard work and consistency produces extraordinary results. Not quick fixes.​​​​​

How We Do It

Our approach can be summed up shortly in our tagline: Build your Lifestyle, Build your Health, Build your Body.

Most people who come to us want the body, which is great. But it will not come unless the first two are addressed as well. Your habits create your lifestyle, and your lifestyle creates your health which in turn creates the body you want. At CTS, we build your habits with training, nutritional guidance and education on the things you need to do when you’re not working out.

Our holistic approach goes beyond training and diet

Our approach to training lets us look into many other factors that can slow down or stop your progress, such as hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, nutrient, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, chemical overload and detox issues, as well as sleep and stress issues. Our holistic approach not only allows you to get faster results; you also build your health to its optimal level and improve functions in all aspects of your life. This is why you are not just getting personal training, but a complete personal training, nutrition and lifestyle program.

We put big emphasis on client education

It’s not enough to tell a client what to do, when they should know why they’re doing it. This ensures you make better decisions outside the gym and you know why you’re making them. By teaching as much as we can about training and nutrition, you gain knowledge that enables you to maintain and improve your body and health for years to come.

We treat personal training like an investment

We believe you should keep benefitting from your investment long after you purchased it. By teaching our clients as much as we can about training and nutrition, they can continue to benefit from that knowledge for years to come, which means they can continue to maintain and improve their body and health.