3 Step Blueprint to Building your Booty!

3 Step Blueprint to Building your Booty!

Building a large firm sexy and rounded booty is a desire for a huge number of female trainees and gym goers.


And it's true the glutes are a key element to looking good, but also having a functional strong, powerful and athletic physique.


With so much information out there, and every second 'wanna be' fitness model giving their two cents worth on how to build a bigger behind, girls have been left confused and worst of all booty-less.


This has lead to many girls following ridiculous workout regimes day in day out not getting any closer to their 'ghetto booty' goals and despite their handwork they are left frustrated, annoyed and disappointed.


This article serves the aim of clearing up the confusion when it comes to glute training and providing a simple 3 step approach to get you the butt you've been searching for.


When building a booty, there are three main steps that need to occur:


Step 1: Activation - can you actually feel your glutes when you are training them?

If the answer is no, and you cannot either feel your butt when training it, or your glutes never really feel sore after a workout, you should start at Step 1 and focus on improving your glute activation.

This means we are improving your brains ability to activate your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus to recruit the correct muscle fibres so they can do the work, recover and grow!


Step 2: Training

The gluteus maximus is the largest of the three gluteal muscles and is a prime mover responsible for explosive powerful movements.

For this reason we will save the body weight glute bridges, mule kicks, lateral band walks and clams for the activation section and this step is all about big compound movements focused on training the gluteus maximus for what it was designed to do.


Step 3: Have you got a fat ass?

In step 3 we will focus on how to lose body fat from the butt and thighs which is a very important part of attaining a booty that looks as strong as it is. This step will outline some commonly overlooked factors that could be causing unwanted fat storage.


So lets get started..


Step 1: Activation

Below I will provide 4 exercises to help activate the gluteal muscle group and get them firing properly.


If you know you cannot feel your glutes working, perform these exercises once per day for two to three weeks prior to starting the training program.


I would also HIGHLY! recommend that you work on your hip mobility. As poor glute activation is generally partly caused by tight hip flexors which inhibit the hips from being able to reach full range of motion in extension, therefore inhibiting the glutes from doing there job.


For more information on how to free your hips see the article below

Why Can’t I Squat That Low? (Part One: Attacking the Hips)


Once you start the training program perform these exercises as a pre-activation / warm up for the glutes to ensure they are firing on all cylinders before getting into the workout.


A. Lying Glute bridge with Band around knees 3 x 12 @ 30X2, 30 sec rest

Aim to squeeze your glutes as hard as you can in the top position for 2 seconds


Tips: Keeping your heels down, try to push your toes into the front of your shoes. This should enable you to feel your glutes working more effectively.

Progression: Single Leg Glute Bridge / Glute Bridge with dumbbell on hips / Barbell Glute Bridge


B. Mule Kicks 3 x 12 @ 3012, 30 sec rest


C. Lying Clams 3 x 25/leg @ 1010, 30 sec rest


D. Banded Lateral (crab) walk 3 x 15 steps each way @ 1010, 30 sec rest


Step 2: Training 

Don't be the girl who does one 4 week booty building program and then complains that she doesn't have a 'ghetto booty' yet.


Building muscle takes time! Especially for the ladies, as they aren't as inclined as men to build significant amounts of muscle easily.


Unless you are genetically gifted, building a butt that is head turning is going to take a lot of hard work, and also a fair amount of time.


See it as a work in progress and try to enjoy the process of training and learning. The girls with those butts you're after have generally been going at this for years, slowly but surely building up, year after year, so remember to be patient.


There are obviously many different exercises that can be used to train the glutes effectively.  These include but are not limited to:

Squats (and variations)

Deadlifts (and variations)

Olympic Lifts (and variations)

Hip thrusts

Loaded Glute bridges

Lunges, step ups and split squats

Reverse Hyperextensions

45 Degree hyper extensions

180d Hyperextensions

Glute Ham Raise

Sled Pulls and drags


For the sake of the article I will outline one effective but simple program to begin on to start building a head turning booty.


This workout is a Tri-set, meaning all exercises are performed in a row, with as little rest in between exercises as possible, resting at the end of the three exercises.


This program will work best if performed every 4-5 days, meaning the workout will be performed 6 times in 4 weeks.


For example in week one you may complete this workout on Monday and Friday, then in week two on Wednesday, in week 3 on Monday and Friday and in week four on Wednesday.


A1: Sumo (wide stance) Barbell Back Squat

4 x 6 to 8 @ 4010, 10 sec rest


A2: Dumbbell Drop Lunge, alternating legs

4 x 8 to 10 per leg @ 20X0, 10 sec rest


A3: Forwards Sled Drag, handles behind back, keep heels down

4 x 40m @ X0X0, 120 sec rest before returning to A1.


Step 3: Have you got a fat ass? 

There is a difference between having a fat ass, that sags and a well defined, muscular rounded booty that projects outwards, looks amazing but is also functional, strong, powerful and allows you to train hard.


Fat storage on the butt and thighs can come about from a range of different reasons depending on the individual.


For me to go into great depth on this topic in this article couldn't be done as whole books could be written on the subject. So I will keep it brief and too the point.


Always start with nutrition!

Start eating to build a body / booty you want and not burn off a body you hate!


Check out the following links for more information on this:

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Secondly you have train hard with weights, often! and ditch the long runs, opting for interval training instead.

More information can be found on these topics in the two articles below:

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Thirdly, fat storage on the butt and thighs can be largely due to what is going on hormonally.

Sometimes all the training and eating well in the world won't work until you fix internal hormonal imbalances and toxicity issues.

For more in depth information about how to support your body's detoxification pathways to attain a lean behind see the articles below:

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In summary building a head turning booty requires three main steps:

  1. Activation - Can you feel your glutes working?
  2. Hard Training
  3. Have you got a fat ass?

Follow the steps outlined in the article, be patient, be consistent and train hard!

Happy Glute Building!

Tyler Cosnett.