What does it really take to complete a Body Transformation Part 1: Mindset

What does it really take to complete a Body Transformation Part 1: Mindset

Part 1 of 3
Part 2 on nutrition can be found here
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The information for this three part series stems from both:

1.Personal experience and knowledge in achieving my own body transformation and going from the ‘fat kid’ to the ‘gym junkie’ and everywhere in between.

2. The experience of coaching hundreds of clients that have hired either myself or one of our CTS strength coaches to guide and provide the tools for them to completely transform their Body’s and lifestyle.


In this three part series I am going to share with you the three fundamental components of completing a successful body transformation. Part 1 will explain Mindset, which is often the most overlooked aspect of a successful body transformation. Part 2, will cover the vital importance of nutrition and finally Part 3 will explain Training and what it really takes on the gym floor for a successful transformation.


Part 1: Mindset


mindset definition

Having the correct mindset and mentality when it comes to transforming your body is a crucial and very often over looked element to your long-term success.


Many people expect to see the body of their dreams staring back at them in mirror over night or from doing one fat loss phase of training. The average person is very quick to complain about certain body parts or make excuses when it’s only really the first time they have actually committed to changing their body shape.


Its time to wake up and smell the roses, because how ever hard, or how much work and effort you believe its going to take to achieve your goals, times that amount by 10 and that is a more realistic interpretation of how hard it will be.


I see many clients decide that ‘now is their time’ and that this is their 12 weeks to be 100% committed to changing their bodies. This is a great mindset to have however we need to understand that the first, 4, 8, 12 or 16 weeks is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to your journey to living a healthier, happier leaner and more muscular lifestyle.


Although we always hope the best for all our clients, and we hope they absolutely fucking smash it, in their first 12 weeks and get extraordinary results, we are always upfront and honest with everyone in their initial consultation. Here after we measure your body fat percentage we provide a realistic goal for that person based on their starting point, experience and many other individual factors that may affect their results.


I explain that the larger the person is to start with, the longer it will take and we advise them on a realistic time frame for them to achieve their goals. This allows the person to understand straight away that this isn’t going to be an overnight fix and that it is going to take hard work, commitment and dedication to achieve what they want to achieve.


Now everyone is motivated when they start off a new training program or new way of eating, so the first 1 – 2 weeks are a breeze, you’re feeling good, you’re in the zone and pumped, and you’re seeing results which is awesome and it keeps you motivated.


But its only when the going gets tough, the tough get going.


So maybe you have hit the 2-week point, the honeymoon period is over, and the new war of eating starts to get tough as the novelty has worn off. It might be a birthday work, when the cake is getting passed around the office, or maybe it’s a night out and the booze is flowing, or maybe your at a family dinner, when you’re pressured into eating those delicious but sickly high carb treats.


You hit a mental brick wall – what’s the right way to go?

Do you:

Option 1: Cave and go back to your old habits, telling yourself you will “start again on Monday” and feel instantly guilty?


Option 2: Do you stay strong and remind yourself the you're are a healthy person who only eats healthy foods that nourish your body. Therefore, making it easy to pass on the treats or alcohol and wake up the next day proud of your discipline?


Now hopefully in your head, you just chose option 2.

So how do I Get a killer Mindset?

  1. Decide on your ‘Why’

whyDecide on the your main reason for embarking on this Journey. You need to ensure that your why is something that deep down will motivate you and allow you to push yourself to where you haven’t been before.


Your why has to be for yourself! It can’t be for your husband, for your kids, or your doctor it has to be for you as this is the only way it will truly motivate you to do what needs to be done.


Maybe its for your wedding, maybe its your 40th birthday, maybe its just because your fed up being overweight, unhappy and uncomfortable, what ever it is, write it down and make sure it makes you feel little nervous, scared and maybe upsets you just thinking about not changing


  1. Know your starting point and set realistic expectations


This is the first thing we do in the initial consultation, as it’s crucial to look at the long-term game plan.


It’s time to start thinking like an Olympic athlete. An Olympic athlete doesn’t decide one month before the Olympics that he or she is going to give it a crack and compete in ones month’s time and then train their ass off for four weeks hoping for the best. They diligently plan out their training, nutrition and lifestyle with their coach so they can work up to the Olympics and hopefully be in the best condition they have ever been in.


Now I’m not saying that it is going to take 4 years to achieve your goals but you need to understand that you will probably lose an average of 0.5% body fat per week. So if you come in at 35% and you want to get to 20 %, realistically if everything goes to plan it is going to take 30 weeks of consistent hard work to complete this. Yes, it can be done faster, you could do it in 12 weeks if you have the right genetics, mindset, resources and ability but the reality is the average is 0.5% of body fat loss per week.


  1. Set Powerful goals


It may be surprising but nearly every client that comes to see me for the first time arrive without really having though through their goals. They arrive for their initial consultation and I hear things like, “I want to lose some weight” or “I’m here because I want to tone up” or “I want to add some muscle mass”. I quickly redirect their thinking and get them thinking about what they specifically want to achieve by when because if they remain with very vague and unclear goals then they will receive very vague and unclear results.


Outcome Goals

An outcome goal is the main over arching goal that you want to achieve in 12 weeks as a result of training and modifying nutrition. This may be to lose 8% body fat, gain 5kg of lean muscle or to squat 100kg for 5 reps.


goal success

Intermediate Goals


Intermediate goals, are those we set out to hit along the way to reaching your outcome goal.


You want to ask yourself, what do I have to have achieved in the first 4 weeks to reach my 12 week goal?


You would then set a specific 4-week goal with a deadline, and make sure you measure whether or not you have achieved it when the time comes.


Measuring frequently (every 1 to 4 weeks) will ensure that you stay on track, and will also bring up any issues so you don’t go extended periods of time doing something that isn’t working.


This is why measuring every 1-2 weeks is ideal, this may highlight areas in your nutrition or training that need modifying. Maybe you training intensity it too high, maybe your carbs are too low, or you’re stressed out and we need to modify your training volume to get results.


Either way, setting intermediate goals like 4 and 8 weeks will keep you on the right path to hitting that 12 weeks goal.


Short Term Process goals


Finally we need to set short-term goals, these are generally daily habits or behaviors we need to implement to get us to where we want to be.


This could be “to eat a high protein, high fat breakfast every day this week to help fuel my body and allow me to feel determined and motivated.”


These short term habits, allow us to bring our focus down to specific behaviors so we are not overwhelmed by the over arching goal and instead can just focus on the one thing that has to get done today, that will lead us to achieving future goals.



  1. Review your goals, measure and re-evaluate regularly.


Once your goals are written down, its time to set up a plan to review them daily. I recommend my clients use the daily 5x5 rule when it comes reviewing goals.


Firstly write your goals down with Pen and paper, as it will help you remember them, then simply review them for 5 minutes each morning and 5 minutes each night, hand writing them each time.


Once you are reviewing your goals, you need to ensure you are re-measuring, if you have set a 4 week intermediate goal to lose 4% body fat then you need to measure at the 4 week mark whether you have lost 4 % body fat.


If you haven’t lost that 4% you need to re-evaluate your plan, maybe losing 4% every 4 weeks isn’t realistic, or maybe you need a to change your plan of attack as something wasn’t working.

measureing supra


Wrap Up

- How ever hard you think your body transformation is going to be, times it by 10 and that is how hard it will most likely be

- Your first 12 weeks is just the tip of the ice berg

- Achieving the right mindset requires 4 things to take place:

  1. Decide on your why
  2. Know your starting point and set realistic expectations
  3. Set Outcome, intermediate and progress goals
  4. Review your goals, re-measure and re-evaluate regularly



A Strong Mind will enable you to create a Strong Body.

Coach Tyler Cosnett.


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