Think you know how to do a Lat Pull down properly?

Think you know how to do a Lat Pull down properly?

The lat pull down may look like a simple exercise in the inexperienced trainees eye. However proper technique in this exercise  is vital and can make or break whether your lats will benefit from the movement.


If you've been going to the gym for a while you're probably thinking whats the point of watching a technique video on pull downs. But as always we like to get the absolute most out of every exercise we do with our clients.


Honestly, there has not been one person who has come into our gym that has been able to lat pull downs properly without instruction. Its not that the way most people do them is incorrect, rather its more that this is an improved version of the exercise that will allow for greater range of motion, muscle activation so the trainee can really 'feel' the correct muscles working.


Doing a lat pull down with the technique shown in video below has a bunch of advantages to just pulling the bar up and down like most trainees do.

  • Opens up the chest and shoulder helping improve mobility through the anterior deltoids and pecs
  • Teaches and allows you to extend and mobilise your thoracic spine
  • Increases the range of motion.
  • Hits the mid back namely the rhomboids and lower traps where most people are very weak and underdeveloped
  • Get a better contraction for all the muscles involved
  • Teaches you how to move your shoulder blades and how it affects upper body exercises
  • Most importantly gets better results.


See how to do it below

Don't be surprised if you have to drop the weight when you do it like this. Forget your ego and learn to do it properly. Your back will thank you.




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