Improve your lifts and reduce pain with this stretch

Improve your lifts and reduce pain with this stretch

Here at Cosnett Training Systems nearly all clients that begin training with us exhibit tightness through the hip flexors and quadriceps.


This is predominantly due to the amount of time spent sitting on a daily basis as this leads to to the anterior muscles of the leg adapting to the seated position by becoming shorter and stiffer.


With these muscles being shortened this leads to individuals being unable to get into the correct positions when for example squatting which stops them from being able to receive the desired training effect from the exercise and puts them at greater risk of injury.


Furthermore, it leads to huge losses in power as the large gluteal muscles cannot be fully activated when hip extension isn't fully expressed as the hip flexors are holding your hips in a slightly flexed position all the time.


It really is a case of if you don't use it, you lose it. In this case if you don't express these positions on a regular basis your body will adapt to what it knows and your mobility and ROM will be reduced.


Aim to complete this movement a minimum of once per day for two minutes per leg,  preferably performing it 2 - 3 times per day and you will shortly notice how free your hips feel while also improving your lifting positions and generating more power.



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