Why you’re not getting enough Veggies and 2 bro tips to get in more

Why you’re not getting enough Veggies and 2 bro tips to get in more

Your Mums been saying it for ever. You know you need to be eating more vegetables.


Not just because your mum says so, but because they will speed up your fat loss efforts


We recommend our clients to have a decent serve in 3 to 5 of their daily meals.


If you really want to kill it have some in every meal.


Check the Vid out to see why they are going to help you, as well as two tips we literally use errryday to make it super EASY to get more vegetables in that actually taste good.




If you missed it in the Vid here's the two easy ways to get in more veggies.

1) Stir Fry them.

Everybody seems to think for some reason you have to steam vegetables. Not so. A much nicer way to cook them is to stir fry them. Literally this is what I do.

Pick 6-10 random vegetables, enough for a 2-3 days worth.

Chop them up into bite size pieces

Cook them in the fry pan with grassfed butter or coconut oil. *Bro Tip* cooking them in fat actually increases the absorption of the vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals. The fat soluble vitamins actually need some fat when eaten to be absorbed.

Also add onion, garlic and if you dig it hot sauce for extra flavor.

When done let it cool and put them in a big container. These are your vegetables for the next 2-3 days. You can heat them up when you want them or take them to work and they actually taste decent.


2) Blend them

Get 4 or 5 different veggies 1-2 fruits and blend with water. Pretty simple. Unlike a juice having them blended like this keeps all the fiber in there to benefit your digestion and keep you full.


Between these 2 methods it should be easy to get in some Veggies in 4+ meals a day.


Don't make excuses. Make it happen.


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