How to Build up to your First Chin up

How to Build up to your First Chin up

One of the most satisfying training moments for many is when they achieved their first proper chin up.


But if you’re a long way off doing proper chins it can seem impossible to build up to your first one. Well here's an easier way to do it 


One way that I’ve found successful with clients is to practice doing negative or eccentric chin-ups. These are where you just focus on the lowering phase which will build your strength until you are able to do full chins.


This is possible because we are stronger on the eccentric or lowering phase of exercises than we are on the concentric or lifting phase. But if you increase your strength on the eccentric it will carry over to the concentric eventually allowing you to smash full chins.


Its easy to do. Use a step and grab the bar and get your self in the top position of a chin up. From there hang and lower yourself as slowly as possible at an even pace.


If you currently can’t do chins it will be harder than you think!


The aim is to increase the time to lower yourself to the bottom position.


Generally if you can lower your self in 30 seconds you will now be strong enough to do 1 full chin up.


To train using this method try 3 sets of the 2-4 eccentric reps with a couple of minutes rest between each set.


Then once you can get your first chin up getting to do 3 or more is now going to be much easier.


Check out the video below for a demonstration of a 30 second eccentric chin


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