BE the Person First Then the Body Will Come

BE the Person First Then the Body Will Come

This is the most important advice I can give you to understand the mindset thats required to achieve the body you desire.


If you can complete this mental exercise and understand it you are well on your way to permanent physique change.


This is what I want you to do...


Close your eyes and imagine yourself with the healthy lean/muscular body you want. Now I want you to to think about how this person (you) goes about their day and how you think about food and training.


Does this person jump from diet to diet always looking for the next best weight loss fix?  

Or maybe just maybe you simply eat healthy food all the time.
Your meals are prepared you know what you're going to eat and you enjoy it.
You know you are a healthy person who eats healthy food to build and nourish your body and fuel your training and recovery.
You know that eating like this is what you need to do to maintain your great physique and improve it even more.


Take it further how do you go about your day?


When you wake up in the morning you are full of energy and ready to go?


Or do you winge about it being Monday and only 2 days until humpday then only 2 more days until the weekend?


Now imagine what does this version of yourself have for breakfast.


Are they going to skip breakfast?
Maybe some toast
Pour a bowl of cereal
An omlette with veggies
Or meat and nuts?


How does this person think and handle stressful situations that pop up during the day?


How about training, if its cold would you say stuff it and go to bed, or not a chance and go and train?


What sort of training are you doing? Is it hard intense ball busting training or are you doing some weights half assed then 20 minutes on a cardio machine like a hamster?


So now you've gone through this process here's what you need to understand.


If you want to look like this person in the future you have to BE this person NOW. If you become this person now then it will no doubt show on the outside over time and in the future you will look like this person.


Another way to look at it. The body you have at this moment is the result of the person you have been over the last several years. Maybe you've been dieting on and off for a long time trying different ones you've heard about. Has it worked? Your current body is the answer.


It only makes sense that to have the body you want in the future you must be that person now.


Eat like they do
Train like they do
Think like they do


Over time your body will follow suit and will match what you are doing.


Really have a think about what your doing now and if your ideal bodied version of yourself would be doing things the same. If not then the best time to change is right now.


PS like to give a shout out to Mark Ottobre who taught me some of the concepts in this article


Brent Cosnett


Founder and Co Director Cosnett Training Systems

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