Whats The Best Breakfast

Whats The Best Breakfast

Breakfast - There are many ways to slice it but here's what works best


Firstly you always want complete protein at breakfast time. So that means either quality meat, seafood eggs, or some sort of protein powder (not as good as whole food).


Smart fats to keep energy chugging along through out the morning so coconut oil, nuts, eggs again, butter, ghee and fishoil


If fat loss if your goal its also good to add in fibrous veggies. You can fry them with your meat or eggs, chuck them in an omelette or have them cooked separate doesn’t matter


Also I find blueberries and raspberries are amazing at breakfast. They are low sugar, high antioxidant fruit and provide great energy with the above foods. I don’t go a morning with out them


If you get sick of meat and eggs you can have a protein smoothie with berries, coconut milk and chia seed for example but its not as good as the above options.


Now you may have noticed there’s no muesli or cereal on here. Thats because for MOST people a big hit of carbs is the last thing you want in the morning. You can have these foods but they will not provide best results and I’m all about getting best results.


Exceptions are if you’re insulin sensitive (handle carbs well) and lean (not fat) then some oats are great at breakfast, as long as you have some protein as well.


If you’re current breakfast is cereal or toast but you don’t think you can handle meat. Thats ok you can improve your breakfast by having say oats mixed with protein powder or eggs and fruit and you will still get results because its an improvement. Then after a while with that try improve it again and it won’t be so hard


Now ill leave you with this video to drill the point home and simply because its awesome

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