Food Sensitivity Test. Find out Which Foods aren’t Right for You

Food Sensitivity Test. Find out Which Foods aren’t Right for You
So I had an IGG food sensitivity test and here are the results. Strong positive to dairy and egg whites so no more eggs and dairy including whey protein! 🙁 for me for about 6 months Noooooooooo!


igg testBut I've eliminated those foods for the last week and feel amazing (I was already off wheat). Eczema has cleared up to the best its ever been. Energy levels are way higher and never feel like that sneaky afternoon nap any more.

So what is and IGG food sensitivity test and could you benefit from one?


An IGG food sensitivity test looks for IGG immune antibodies for foods meaning when we eat them our immune system responds when it shouldn't. This is different from an allergy which happens straight away and is very noticeable and much more dangerous like someone who is allergic to peanuts.


If you are intolerant to a food it is much more subtle than a allergic reaction and you may not even know you have it. When you eat food you are intolerant to it can cause very varied symptoms such as bloating, intestinal upset and irritable bowel syndrome. Fatigue and brain fog and cravings for sugar. Eczema and other skin rashes and well as many others.

food intollerance common symptomsHaving these foods all the time is also a big stressor on the body meaning more cortisol and inflammation making harder to lose fat and gain muscle in the gym

The thing is, its really hard to tell what foods you are intolerant to because the symptoms may not appear until 1-3 days after you ate the offending food. So for me if I ate wheat 2 days later I would break out in eczema. I knew about the wheat but not about the milk (I didn't have milk but did have whey protein) and egg whites so for me it was very worth while getting the test.


There's lots of labs that do IGG food sensitivity tests. They all test different numbers of foods and vary in price a lot. I got mine done through healthscope functional pathology which tested 93 foods and am very happy with it.


do you know what food intollerance is
If you suffer from any of these sorts of symptoms or are struggling to get results it could be something to look into. But best thing to do is remove the most common allergens first like wheat, gluten and dairy. I find most clients who do this report feeling much better within a week and had no idea that those foods were causing their issues. They often drop 2-4kg's as well due the reduction in inflammation.


So what I have to do now is keep those foods out for about 6 months to allow the antibodies to clear out of my system. I can then try these foods again and see if I react. If I react poorly then those foods aren't for me at all. Fingers crossed that eggs and protein powder will be ok!!


A note I think people should be aware of...


At the moment the validity of IGG testing is a hotly debated issue. Many allergists and medical professionals believe the research isn't there and that positive results are not proof of an intolerance and they are a waste of money and make people eliminate foods for no reason.


On the other side there are many alternative practitioners and for lack of a better word enlightened medical professionals that believe this sort of testing is a very useful tool in looking at food intolerance and actually use it and get good results with their patients.


This test has personally been very helpful for me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone else if they had those sort of symptoms and had tried eliminating the common allergens with no success.


Ultimately though you need to do you homework and research and make up your mind for yourself.


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