Stimulate Muscles you’re Aiming for With These Technique Tweaks

Stimulate Muscles you’re Aiming for With These Technique Tweaks

Morning peeps today I'm going to give you some awesome technique tweaks on how to improve muscle stimulation and actually hit the muscles your trying to train with various exercises.


You might not know this but you can alter which muscles are being stimulated on exercises by changing your feet and hand position and where you "feel" the weight.


All the time I see people just flinging the weight up and down without much thought for HOW they are lifting the weight and the intent when lifting. It's so much more than just moving the weight from point A to point B. You can completely change the recruitment patterns (which muscles are stimulated and worked) by very minor changes in technique and using your noggin to actually think about how you are lifting the weight.


There's more to it than this

There's more to it than this


Our nervous system and brain is king when it comes to which muscles are being stimulated and it takes lots of practice to be able to feel the correct muscles working.


Here's some of the best examples of how you can alter muscle recruitment with slight changes in technique and thought process.


On squats having your feet flat and pushing through your heels will work the posterior chain more (glutes and hamstrings) and on the flip side elevating your heels with a wedge or plate will hit your quads harder. How wide you place your feet also has an effect and taking a wide stance will hit the glutes even more.


With all squats though remember to squat deep. This is the most important factor to getting the best muscle recruitment



Squatting like sex dont count unless you go deep enough


For all you benchers who can't feel their chest on bench press feeling most of the bar weight on the thumb side of the hand will recruit the pecs more. To help chest recruitment even more as your pressing the bar up try to crush and squash the bar together. Just having the intent to do this will increase pec recruitment.


On the flip side to get the triceps more during a bench press try placing and feeling more of the weight on the pinkie side of the hand as well as trying to pull the part apart as you press it.


Another good exercise to use these techniques on is pullups and pulldowns. Many people are arm dominant and struggle to feel their lats during pullups. To overcome this pull through the pinkie side of your hand and loosen the grip on your pointer finger a bit. You have to try and feel more of the weight on the pinkie side of your hand. At the same time as this imagine you are pulling your elbows down into your side.


If you want to make your biceps work harder do the opposite, pull more through your pointer fingers and squeeze the bar hardest with these and instead of imagining pulling your elbows down imagine pulling your hands down.


There are dozens of minor tweaks like these you can make on just as many exercises to alter muscle recruitment and ultimately get better results. Technique is so much more complex than most realize.


So instead of lifting mindlessly and hoping the hot babe in the tight pants notices your jackedness, really think about HOW your lifting the weight next time you train and there's a good chance you will pull up sore the next day in places you haven't felt sore in a while.


If you try some of these techniques out let me know how they work for you.


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