The best fat loss exercise your not doing (that’s free and you can do anywhere)

The best fat loss exercise your not doing (that’s free and you can do anywhere)

What's the best fat loss exercise that costs nothing, you're probably not doing and you can do anywhere unless your living on a boat?


That would be... Hill Sprints!


There is not many things that come close to hill sprints in their ability to improve your body composition and increase your fitness and power. And as a benefit they flog your posterior chain (thats your calfs, hammies and ass)


how to do it? Simples.


Find a decent Hill at least 50 meters long (not too long otherwise it will be a jog not a sprint) run up as fast as you can (after warming up) recover, walk down and do it again 3-10 times. This can be done in only 20 minutes.


There are not many awesome workouts that can be done this quick.


Hill sprints also have several advantages over flat sprinting.


-They're harder than flat sprints (thanks captain obvious)


-They actually have a lower chance of injury than flat sprints because you are constantly in the acceleration phase, you never reach top speed the point where many sprinting injuries happen. Also its easier to come to a stop going up hill than on a flat surface


-They improve your acceleration and performance in sports more than flat sprints. In most sports you never reach top sprinting speed. What most people need in sport is improvements in acceleration and explosiveness not top speed.


-You can continue to keep going even when your fatigued. It can be a bad idea to to keep trying to run full steam on flat sprints when fatigue sets in as technique can get ugly and increase chance of injury. But with hill sprints you can keep pushing without too much trouble as you'll be going to slow to do any damage


-Hill sprints cause less impact on the joints as your going slower and stepping up hill, but at the same time the muscles have to work and contract harder for longer on every step.


-Probably most importantly to you guys hill sprints will tend to produce better fat loss than flat sprints will. And they totally destroy slower lower intensity running in terms of fat loss. This is because after doing sprints you release a large spurt of growth hormone which increases lipolysis (fat burning) and they also have a massive Excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) which basically means you continue to use up extra oxygen long after the sprints are finished which means your metabolism is cranking higher hours after the session.


Because hill sprinting is very intense you don't need to do it too often. For most starting out twice a week is plenty along with their strength training program. If you're a stud then 3 times a week is fine.


You should also change up the work:rest ratio, length, intensity and number or sprints to switch it up and improve different qualities.

So a good fat loss protocol would be 15 sec sprint 30 sec rest.

For power you could do 50 meter sprints with 4-6 minutes rest for full recovery

For improvements in conditioning try 30 metre sprints with only 15 sec rest

or mix it up try 200 meters 2 minutes rest, 100 meters 1 minute rest 50 meters 30 sec rest


There's so many options you can try so find a fat hill and get to it.



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