The Myth of Moderation

The Myth of Moderation

This is a saying I hear all the time whether they are referring to a certain food, alcohol or other bad habit that's contradicts their goals - "Everything is ok in moderation". Please don't fall for this rubbish. If you do everything in moderation at the end of the day you will end up with a moderate, mediocre, average result.


Extreme results require extreme actions and extreme changes.


Any one that has ever accomplished something worthwhile did not accomplish it through "moderation" or "balance". And not just in sport, fitness, fat loss or muscle gain. In any area of life the best in any field are actually unbalanced, totally focused and dedicated to their goal.


Now I'm not suggesting people start getting extreme and doing crazy shit, I don't want you to develop an eating disorder, but I feel too many people use the old "everything in moderation" as an excuse to keep their old bad habits that are holding them back from their goals.


Sometimes If you want to achieve something that is a long way from where you are now - whether it is get down to a 7% body fat, win a sporting event, fit into a size 6 dress, fill out and extra large shirt or take your business to a new level. You might have to, for at least a period time become obsessed, unbalanced and NOT do things in moderation to achieve your goal.


If you want something badly devise a plan to get you there then get the hell after it. Once you achieve your set goal then you can back off and do things more normally.


A good way to go about your training and nutrition which I do sometimes is to do things "moderately" some of the time which would be training 3 or 4 days a week eating the right diet for you 90% of the time. Then when the rest of your life allows it and stress isn't too high go through a push phase for 4-12 weeks. This is where you dial everything in and do it spot on for that time. Hitting all your meals and workouts properly and not missing any, taking health supplements, getting enough sleep, not drinking and so on.


Then once you get to your goal you can go back to a more normal lifestyle and you'll find you will be able to maintain most of the gains you made. Its also a good way to manage burnout, I find people who train flat out all the time tend to burn out or get injured especially with all the other stresses going on in life so backing it off every now and then can be a good idea.


This type of push phase can be done as often as you like and can be used for a variety of goals whether it be getting lean, gaining muscle or improving strength or fitness. I suggest only focusing on 1 maybe 2 goals though, not 7. You can't improve everything at once, at least significantly.


Well that's me done for this instalment. Over and out




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