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A bit about me and what I believe when it comes to Training and Nutrition


So this is my first blog post on the brand new Cosnett Traning Systems website which after much hard work is finally up and running and looking great (almost). Just thought I'd use this post to explain a little bit about my self and the kind of information ill be posting here and what I believe in when it comes to health, fitness, strength, sports performance, getting jacked, getting shredded and everything in between.


First a bit about myself if you have't picked up on it already I'm a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach working out of Frankston in South East Melbourne. I've been fascinated with improving the human body in terms of aesthetics (looking good naked) and performance (getting stronger, higher, faster and better) since about the age of 16 when I started training.


I had probably the worst genetics for getting decent body composition you could imagine. Before I started training I was 6 foot 2 weighed about 84kg and was the living definition of skinny fat, didn't look fat in clothes but was flabby had very little muscle mass and was weak and unfit. Even though I played a heap of sport my whole childhood and I mean ALOT (2-3 basketball games a week + 3 basketball training sessions as well as playing tennis 3 days a week) I looked like I did nothing.


So started training and improvements came along pretty good the first year or 2 then they came to screeching halt. This is when I began searching for better ways to improve my results even though at the time I wasn't working in the field and had no plan to in the future I learnt everything I could to try and improve my own diet and training. Before long I was giving others advice on training and diet and started becoming a go to guy for training and diet advice.


After high school I went on to study commerce at Uni and after the first year I decided that it wasn't for me and was going to work in the field I was passionate about so I switched to a double degree in exercise sports science and Commerce majoring in sports management which I finished up last year.


Knowing what I wanted to do I also started taking courses outside of uni and started personal training in 2010. I worked at a few different gyms, then last year I got the opportunity to train my client base out of Performance Training Centre run and owned by Markos Markopoulos.


This is where I currently operate out of and it is one of the best equipped strength and conditioning gyms around. Ill put up photos of the gym on the website soon so you can have a squiz.


When it comes to training if your wondering what type of training I prefer and use well I don't use any specific one. I'm not married to any type of training modality and believe they all have their own inherent strengths and weaknesses and can be used successfully in different situations.


My job is to get my clients to their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible so depending on the client and goal when I design their training program I may use principles from bodybuilding, powerlifting, track and field, strongman, olympic lifting, crossfit, gymnastics, functional training or something else.


These separate sports and training methods all have one thing in common; they all are forms of strength and conditioning. Strength and conditioning is my job so it would be silly to use some of these methods over others because I thought some were the "right" way to do it or some were better than others. I learn what I can from these fields and experts in these fields to design and implement the best training programs I can to get the best results possible in the client.


I have a similar philosophy on nutrition, my goal is to determine what works best with the clients body to get them the desired result. There is so much crap in the field of nutrition so I try to keep it simple. I get people to stop worrying about counting calories and instead focus on getting the right types of food into their diet at the right times.


I also believe that instead of losing fat to get healthy people need to get healthy to lose fat (think about it there is a big difference).


It's a different way to go about it, you build up the persons health through individualised training, nutrition and supplementation and the fat loss will happen as well with the client feeling better having more energy and a bunch of other awesome stuff.


The standard approach is to try and annihilate fat by reducing food intake too far and giving people way to much cardio which throws the bodies hormones totally out of whack and while it produces weight loss at first it can actually make the health of the client worse and then the results stop coming so they reduce calories even more, train even more and put their body out more and eventually they crash and weight goes back on.


Instead you need to get down the cause of the issue and figure out why the fat isn't coming off which could be many different reasons; hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, nutrient, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, chemical overload and detox issues, sleep and stress issues and others. You correct these things then the nutrition and training does what it should. It gets results


Thats a brief overview of what I believe when it comes to training and nutrition. I believe a few more things and could write more but this post is getting too long and I'm probably boring you with my shit. So I'm going to leave it there.


Im going to try and post some interesting stuff on here once every week or so, but don't be surprised if it doesn't happen that often. I've got a full list of clients and they keep me busy so I'll put stuff up here when I can.








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